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Posted November 7th 2018

The best time ever!

From : Lee


Posted February 14th 2018

As a new person to this sort of thing, I have to say she was wonderful. Put me at ease and made it very enjoyable, sexy and amazing time!

From : Barry


Posted November 18th 2017

A fantastic mind blowing experience. She certainly knows how to satisfy a man. Beautiful breasts with amazing dark nipples. A very sexy woman.

I will be returning

From : Jim


Posted November 16th 2017

I cannot believe how nice she is. She has the most beautiful body shapely and fit with the most gorgeous breasts and skin like silk, is beautiful and lovely to talk to as well. I had a really great time with her and will see her again and again I am sure.

From : Alex


Posted November 2nd 2017

Wow such a treat. Not only a sexy lady, but very caring, engaging and as someone else said - those nipples! Gorgeous.

From : Ed


Posted May 22nd 2017

Such a beautiful exotic woman! The most engaging and relaxing experience anyone could wish for. Xxxx

From: Kris


Posted March 30th 2017

Absolutely fantastic, Wonderful, sensual and beautiful lady. We had a very intense time together which gets better we each visit.

From: DD


Posted Nov 25th 2016

I am hooked. Captivated. Have become a regular so enchanting is she. From the welcoming kiss, to the pre-bedroom chat over a drink to the mind-blowing experience of feeling her naked beside you she is addictive.

From: Terry

Posted June 15th 2016

Amazing! A beautiful stunning lady, incredibly sexy, her pictures really do not do her justice, discrete with a very nice house, perfect for a gentleman looking for a classy woman, wonderful humour as well, what more could you ask for, I look forward to returning soon.

From: Jerry


Posted May 31st 2016

Everything on your website turned out to be better than promised.  You are courteous and engaging, warm, thoughtful, beautiful, sexy, and just lovely to be with.  I feel privileged to have met you and also very happy and satisfied after my visit - with gorgeous memories.

From: Nick


Posted December 11th 2015

Another wonderful visit with Vanita, early Xmas present to myself, was an incredible unwrapping it!

Thanks again xxxx

From: Steve


Posted December 10th 2015

OMG what a pleasure. Great venue, great attention and those nipples!!!

From: Alan


Posted November 24th 2015

Vanita is absolutely mind blowing from the moment I turned up. Talkative, funny, sexy even better naked and the sex was out of this world. Wot can I say but fantastic thanks Vanita and I will be bk.

From: Rob


Posted November 13th 2015

Thank you Vanita, you are a lovely lady - beautiful, friendly and very sexy. You left me feeling wonderful, and definitely wanting to come back for more.

From: Alan


Posted November 12th 2015

What can I say? What an incredible lady, sensual, sexy, beautiful, funny, and warm.
My first visit,  but not my last! Thank you xx

From: Steve

Posted July 30th 2015

And THAT dear fellow punter was amongst the most delightful and pleasurable experiences of my life.

From: Terry


Posted March 16th 2015

Of all the sights I've ever seen but never have forgotten, the one that arouses me most of all is Vanita's cute little bottom.

From: Tony (Bristol)


Posted October 3rd 2014

You're very attractive, a nice person and quite good at what you do.

From : Tony


Posted August 25th 2014

Whatever time of the year it is Charmaine is the most beautiful ever to have entered into my life ! It can be a hot summers day when straw hats (nothing else) are the order of the day or balmy Autumn days when the leaves begin to fall ? you cannot be in more beautiful company. Always on my mind 24/7 !!

From : Mike


Posted August 6th 2014

Very sexy, extremely sensual, pleasant to look at and easy on the ear.  Smelled nice, tasted good and a so tender touch.  Complex and kind.  Highly desirable,oh, and a good shag.

From : James


Posted August 4th 2014

Everyone else has written as if facing an audience.  How vain.  That doesn’t focus on you or your service.  I found you sensual; and pleasant company    Your new website is better than your old because you only claim to do mild domination.  Your old site said CP but that is not your forte, or you. You were fairly good at producing discomfort then drawing me back to arousal.  You were patient and friendly and the other writers probably don’t realise you actually have to ‘work’ to make their stay enjoyable.  You’re also generous to a fault. (Of others.) In brief, the meaningful mature not the grasping girly.

From : Mitch

Posted July 15th 2014

As an older lady brought up on films where the heroine only gets swept off her feet after the hero gets whipped in the dungeon, I've sent men to her and been absolutely overwhelmed with the effect. Makes me wish I was bi sometimes.

From : Deborah


Posted June 24th 2014

A nice man at a fetish party recommended her to me. The website truly does justice to her beautiful body, just a pity it can't convey her kindly manner and desire to make anyone's visit special. Wish she'd take up CP.

From : Jason


Posted June 23rd 2014

Alluring personality at first contact on the phone.  Delightful introduction (despite realising she's probably not 44) magnificent breasts, her bottom is small but cute, pretty face but built for comfort not speed . . . and did she know how to make it even more comfortable!!!

From : Martin


Posted June 12th 2014

Just seen your site and your figure is still the same, your breasts as desirable and your body as beautiful.

From : Dave


Posted June 10th 2014

Vanita is very clean, very sensual, beautifully dominant, (good with a whip) gentle in comfort and ecstatic afterwards.

From : Andre


Posted June 3rd 2014

Vanita has the silkiest skin, the most sensual breasts I've ever had the pleasure to arouse, she knows how to bring out the best and is rather good at dealing with error.

From : Ian


Posted May 27th 2014

Alluring and sensual, I always wished I'd kissed her feet.  I would turn up with no more than the instruction 'Whip me. Please. Also the most sensitive breasts ever!

From : Chris


Posted Dec 2nd 2013

Vanita is a vey special woman  indeed and will be attracted to gentleman who are not only refined but  know how to treat a lady with dignity and respect, albeit with a flirtatious style. To me she is a mermaid of the Indian Ocean of true delight with her silky dark hair, gorgeous feminine physique that is mature and wholesome, with  a radiant personality and warmest of  smiles. Her flirtation and   sensuality   beguiles me to  in an exotic world that not only leads me astray but is to be treasured like a rare jewel of the Orient.

From : Michael


Posted Dec 1st 2013

I met Vanita and she was first escort I ever met in my life.How lucky I was to meet this charming beautiful lady.She is beauty with brains and a great person to be with. She is a sex goddess in human form. she has a beautiful face and great body. she is the guru of sex or kamasutra. You can never forget her and will always comeback for more!!!!.The location is great, rural and beautiful well kept house.Sex with vanita is a blessing and you will feel the true passion and love. I am blessed to have meet vanita. I have moved out of UK, but travel miles to meet her in UK!!! Love to see her often. Thanks vanita for the great time and sex. Take care. Love and hugs. Sandy ( USA) 

From : Sandy


Posted Nov 30th 2013

What was once an annual visit will now definitely be on a more regular basis. Vanita is professional in everything she does and not only has a wonderful personality but is beautiful with it. She is simply perfect in more ways than one. Looking forward to meeting up with you early in the New Year!!

From : Herb


Posted Nov th 2013

Vanita is a beautiful, petite lady who knows what she wants, makes you feel at ease straight away and knows what a gentleman requires to keep him quiet & put a smile on his face! Don't get on her wrong side though or she will punish you. Charmaine is a rather simple Essex girl who is very naughty in the bedroom and will make your eyes spin but don't have an intelligent conversation with her ..... you will lose the will to live. Aleah on the other hand is a charming and sophisticated lady who will seduce you the moment you walk through the door and you will become putty in her hands and walk out later wondering whether you just visited heaven!? ...... Yes, there is more than one person here and you relax and enjoy the company of whoever you want. I recommend all of them without hesitation.

From : Andrew


Posted Nov 3rd 2013

Vanita is special - she is classy, elegant, pretty, yet, has a very naughty and kinky mind. I have met Vanita on numerous occasions and each time gets hotter and stickier. I first met Vanita as a young graduate, naïve and very inexperienced, Vanita took me under her wing and taught me how to satisfy her, 5 years on, I still visit her on a regular basis and always leave happy, content and looking forward to our next session. I can not rate Vanita highly enough.

- Russell


Posted Nov 1st 2013

Vanita is the most beautiful, classy, sexy woman I could ever wish to meet. She is so very pleasant, and welcoming, and makes you feel comfortable as soon as her front door is opened. Without doubt Vanita is a lovely woman, and perfect in every way.

From : Chris


Posted Oct 16th 2013

I must say I was very impressed.  This girl is gorgeous and obviously loves sex.  The location once found is stunning and private and she has a very nice house.  I felt welcome.  She is perfect

From : Richard


Posted Sept 10th 2013

When I first met Vanita, I was truly nervous. She is exotic and beautiful. ~
I was in complete awe when she first walked into the restaurant 
we planned to have dinner. It seemed like we already knew each other, our conversation was continuous. I cannot wait to meet her again.
From : Paul 

Posted July 15th 2013
I have seen Vanita a few times already, and I feel like each 
time gets better and better. True beauty with a gorgeous smile 
From :

Posted Jan 20th 2013
Vanita is honest, trustworthy, and worth the experiment. She opened up a new way of understanding the pleasures of life. Thank you and I cannot wait for the next opportunity for our schedules to coincide. 
From : Alex









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